Communication 360°

We offer a complete personalization of the bottle to let you express your creativity.
Thus, you can :

  • Create bottles that will make a great impression and will match perfectly your image.
  • Get a new original communication support
  • Push the attention to detail by integrating bottles specially created for your events.
  • Offer a new support of visibility for your sponsors
    Your creativity is the only limit


Your bottle will be unique and incomparable

Indeed, you can personalize the content, we offer a wide range of different products ( wines, sparkling wines, beers, water and we also customize other vials from the cosmetic industry) as well as the containing with a total graphic freedom.

These personalized bottles really make an impression, the gifted bottles stay generally on a furniture for a while before being drunk. Rather than being considered as a simple bottle among the others, this one will remain the Unique and its provenance will be remembered.

This also bring other advantages

  • Create your call product according to your wishes
  • Dispose of an incomparable product into the market
  • Dress/ create your own cuvee to distinguish yourself from the competition.


Accessibility and reactivity, small and large series, short notice. All of this is making possible by the fact Sleev’in own the specialized equipment for covering bottles allowing a great flexibility.
Specialized in the wine sector. Sleev’in master the regulation and the administrative and customs aspect.
Furthermore, we own a warehouse in suspension of excise duty (facilitating import-export steps).

Tax deductibility

Our concept offers a tax deductibility for your business gifts, the customized bottle is considered as an advertising item* . This requalification lead to a 100% tax deductibility.

One the one hand, your personalized bottles will make an impression of your customers and on the other hand will be a gift for your wallet.

*With respect of the mandatory information (name of the company visible and permanent)

One stop shop

Our strength is to be a specialist of the sleeve (and its administrative constraints) and of the wine sector.

Thereby, we can offer a project from “A to Z” by integrating all the aspects of a project (design, printing, administrative rules, tax regulation, production, delivery…) Thanks to this ability, we spare a lot of time to offering you a delivery time between 3 and 6 weeks depending on the quantities.

At Sleev’in, you arrive with an idea and we take care of the rest to deliver you your unique bottles.

4 steps for the realization of your bottles

1. Choice in our range

Sparkling wine : Crémant – Cava – Prosecco – Champagne – Mousseux
Wine : White – Red – Rosé
Beer : Pils – Special – Amber – Blond – Brown
Water : Still – Sparkling
Vials : Various sizes

goodies originaux

2. Choice of the design

a. We offer your different designs realized by ours graphists (depending of your needs, wishes)

b. You have your own graphist, in this case, we provide you with a procedure containing the technical constraints and the description of the file format.

etiquette de champagne personnalisee

3. Choice of the options

Wine cap, we offer a standard cap in black, white, golden or silver of 10cm high. However, we offer a deluxe range in black and white but also in different colors and quality depending on your wishes and your budget (from 2500 units ordered)

Packaging, basically we pack your bottles in cardboard boxes of 6. We can offer you a personalized packaging (bags, ice bags, boxes).

habillage bouteille

4. Delivery time (depending on the quantities)

a. For less than 1500 units, the delivery time is between 4 and 6 weeks after validation of the press proof document.

b. For more than 1500 units, the delivery time is from 3 to 4 weeks after validation of the press proof document.

personnalisation étiquette bouteille

They trusted us

B19 – Bocholtz Liège

etiquette personnalisée pour bouteille de vin

Distillerie Radermacher


etiquette champagne personnalisée bapteme


étiquettes personnalisées ING
étiquettes personnalisées HEC
étiquettes personnalisées HEC
étiquettes personnalisées
étiquettes personnalisées Toyota
étiquettes personnalisées IXO
étiquettes personnalisées
étiquettes personnalisées saint gobain
étiquettes personnalisées Radisson
étiquettes personnalisées Liège Panthers
étiquettes personnalisées lions international
étiquettes personnalisées Lemmens
étiquettes personnalisées domaine du Ry d'argent
étiquettes personnalisées Deloiette
étiquettes personnalisées Media Markt
étiquettes personnalisées Michelin
étiquettes personnalisées Paris Match
étiquettes personnalisées acte 6

About us

Sleev’in is a company specialized in the covering of bottles that became a reference into the world of personalization.

Sleev’in allow a double customization: the content (wines, sparkling wines, beers…) and the container and this, from only 50 bottles.

You have a total graphic freedom to imagine the bottle of your dreams. For larger series, Sleev’in can work on service delivery on your own bottles.

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